Wordpress Digital Product Demon Plugin Review

Published: 13th September 2010
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Whether your looking to turn your blog into a fully fledged digital product store or just want to promote a few products that are significant to your audience the you'll want to pay close attention because it is now possible to have a sales, thank you and download system on your WordPress blog.

Digital Product Demon delivers a simple,easy to use plug in that does exactly what most WordPress site owners want when it comes to selling digital products from their wordPress blog. Digital Product Demon is an excellent plug in, not only will it let you effortlessly sell digital products with a paypal, account it will automatically secure your thank you pages and download links. So what does that mean? It means only legitimate customers will be able to get into your thankyou and download pages, the pages will automatically time out after a designated time that you can set and your download URL's will be encrypted so that your links cant be posted or shared on "pirating" sites. This is awesome as in one go the Digital Product Demon plug in removes the biggest problem faced by digital product marketers, "Pirates"

But this plug has more to offer. The plug in is configured to work directly with clickbank digital products, Digital Product Demon has an inbuilt clickbank feature that allows you to display seperate sales, thankyou and download pages for each clickbank product you define, In other words you can have a collection of products in one clickbank account but still put on show individually crafted sales pages for each product.

Digital Product Demon provides a secure platform and makes creating a digital product store on your blug fast, easy and fun. The plug in automatically generates Paypal, Clickbank and Ejunkie buy buttons and has an automatic affiliate link cloaker built in. This is arguably the best new digital product store plug in for WordPress I've seen.

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