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Published: 13th January 2010
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To scam is basically to defraud or swindle, usually with the purpose of making money

Lets conduct a review of the ACN opportuinity against the keywords of the above definition of a scam.

Is ACN a Scam -A fraudulent Business Scheme ?

In considering whether ACN is a scam we need to reviewthe company against two criteria. Firstly is ACN a legitimate Company and secondly is the ACN opportunity a legitimate business ? So lets take a look at the company.

ACN sells telecommunications services an offers an MLM telecommunications business to independant sales reps. ACN is an anacronym for American Communications Network. Founded in 1993 by 4 partners, ACNs goal is provide quality telephone and internet services at discount prices

From small beginnings the company has developed to become one of the biggest telecommunications service suppliers on the globe, operating in 19 countries. The company has a international staff of over 1000 employees and have annual revenues exceeding $500 million.

In its 15 year history the company has earned itself a reputation as a stayer in a highly competitive marketplace and now has a number of services it offers to its clients including digital video phone, internet and in some countries other utilities

Is The ACN Opportunity a Scam ?

While there is no disputing the fact that ACN the company is not a scam, it is clearly a legitimate business, the question remains is the ACN opportunity a good proposition for the independent rep to make money?

ACN is a network marketing company operating a telecommunications business opportunity It functions usinga long-established MLM platform where sales reps can earn money by developing personal customersand building their own network of sales reps. The income structure will be talked about shortly but first what are others thoughs about ACN.

Donald Trump recently endorsed ACN as a good company and great opportunity There is enough evidence to show that ACN is a strong company with a bright future More importantly, as a telecommunications business, ACN has a rapidly developing and growing global market for their products and services meaning there is heaps of opportunity for new representatives to build a large customer base and make some serious money.

ACN is a transparent company who offer full disclosure about all aspects of their business.All service charges and fees are clearly outlined in their contracts Similarly, ACN opportunity Reps have open access to full details of how the business works with well explained information about all aspects of the business from start up costs to earning money. Detailed information and company in servicing is offered about making moneyincluding how much you get paid, when you get paid and how to achieve bonuses.

The start up cost to join ACN is $499. ACN representatives can earn money in two ways. Firstly through monthly residual income based on their customers' usage of telephony services. This includes the ability to achieve bonuses through weekly Customer Acquisition Bonuses, referred to as CABS. These are earned by assisting new team members sign up 6 connected long distance customers or 8 customers using any of the ACN services.

An ACN reps residual income is based upon the total monthly billing of all their customers and the rep can qualify to earn between 2% and 8% of all the money they spend. The second way an ACN rep earns money is through what is called residual override. Re3sidual override allows a rep to earn a percentage of the total monthly billing of their downline sales team As your monthly customer billing increases so does thepercentage commission the representative earns.

In short the ACN compensation plan provides real potential to make money from the opportunity and the company provides excellent rep support through meetings and regular training sessions to assist reps grow their teams.

From the review presented above it is clear that ACN is not a scam. ACN is a growing international force in the provision of telecommunications services. It has a strong, in high demand product base in a growing global market and offers individuals the potential to make some serious dollars.

But are people making money with the ACN opportunity?

There are manyof independent business owners around the globe who have got rich off of ACN.. ACNs marketing strategy revolves around theold school methodof approaching your warm market, your family, friends and business associates. It sounds easy enough. Convert the people you know to back you in your new business and save some money on essential telecommunications services in the process. There is no doubting the quality or integrity of ACN as a service provider so the average rep usually enjoys early customer aquisition success. The problem is that unless you are an extremely popular person with an extensive extended family and friend base your warm market exhausts itself very quickly leaving the average rep struggling to grow their business beyond a certain point. In saying that, if you can get over the problem of sourcing new customers you can build a massive global customer base and ACN has several reps with fantastic wealth success stories built around this company. Think about this, do you know anyone that does not have a phone?

So is ACN a good business proposition ?

Overall ACN does rate highly as a great mlm opportunity. As mentioned earlier it has been endorsed by Mr Money himself Donald Trump. However to be successful you are going to need a consistent supply of fresh prospects to talk to about your business. There is opportunity for great success with ACN but you need to employ modern marketing strategies to really build enough clients to make the business work. The difference between those who will make it to the top of the ACN MLM tree and those that won't, is finding and using effective marketing strategies, strategies that put the odds of success in favor of the distributor.

To find out more about how you can make money with, or grow your ACN Opportunity visit the following link to get your free step by step guide to ACN MLM Marketing Success.

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